Male to Female Makeover Course

Free 3-Part Video Course
Male to Female Makeover - Free E-Course
  • Discover my top 10 insider secrets on how to create a beautiful¬†feminine image.
  • Learn the #1 thing all successful crossdressers and transgender women have in common.
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Unleash Your Inner Woman

Free Feminization Hypnosis Mini-Session
Unleash Your Inner Woman Program
  • Discover how hypnosis can help you feel more confident about expressing yourself as a woman.
  • Let go of your subconscious masculine programming and reconnect with your true femme self.
  • Get FREE instant access to this 8-minute hypnosis mini session!
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Male to Female Makeup Mini Course

Free Feminization Hypnosis Mini-Session
Male to Female Makeup - Free Mini E-Course
  • Discover pro makeup techniques for bringing out the beauty and femininity of your face.
  • Learn how to downplay “masculine” facial features while creating a natural, balanced look. (No drag queen makeup here!)
  • Get FREE instant access to 3 video lessons taught by renowned makeup artist, Chris Scott.
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